About me

Ilse Sleutjes

Innovate target- and customer-focused together with Outsider Inn

A proud outsider

My passion lies in designing innovations which positively impact people and society! I love to inspire and find connections between people, business and technology in my work; Innovating between these three pillars is part of my DNA.

I’ve always been an Outsider. I am a creative person, born into an entrepreneurial family, formally qualified as an industrial designer with Master of Business Administration degree in Innovation Management. Being an Outsider has become my strength.  With my creativity and interdisciplinary skills, I think and dare to go out of the box. Over the past years, I am trained to uncover innovative insights and work towards meaningful results with a well thought through process.

Together you make a difference!

Over the past decade, I have enjoyed working in various positions at Vodafone and Philips, where I experienced the implementation and management of innovations within products, services and programs. Although these projects touched many different disciplines, I always kept the ‘human’ element at the heart of my work. Whether it is a patient, user, customer or employee, I love to innovate for and with people. I believe together we can make a difference!

You never innovate alone

I go through this Outsider Inn process together with my client, team and other stakeholders. I also find strength in complementing my own skills with team members from my personal, trusted network. Together we can not only combine our strengths and expertise, but also build a human-centric mindset within your organization.

Do you want to make a difference, too?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and discover the power of an Outsider.

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