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Asking good questions is essental to get an in-depth understanding and connection with customers. In Socrates on sneakers, Elke Wiss learns the art of questioning in a practical and humorous way through Socrates.

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Its easy for companys’ focus to turn inward.  And forget to look outside. This international bestseller helps to shift to an outward mindset to accelerate innovation, improve collaborations and performance.

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Innovation is not just for startups and the Googles of this world. In this book, Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, introduces design thinking: a well thought-out creative process that puts humans at the heart. This allows every organization to become more creative and innovative.

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In this book Roger Martin shows how an organization can have a healthy balance between exploitation and exploration. Roger Martin proves with various cases that only an internal focus is fatal to innovation. Combining analytical and intuitive thinking is key.

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This book gives an introduction to the ‘differences’ between Design Thinking  and  Service Design. With this practical guide you can immediately start improving the quality, interaction with customers and thereby the customer experience of your service.

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Tricia Wang is co-founder of Constellate Data and a technology ethnographer. She analyzes human interactions with technology to advise organizations on how technology can help people and predict trends. In this Ted Talk she explains why Big Data can’t do without Thick data (human insights).

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Even though Service Design has been around since the 80s, it sometimes remains difficult to understand exactly what it means. This video by Fjord gives a good idea of what Service Design is and how it creates value.

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In BNN program We gaan het maken follows Patrick Lodiers eight designers who try to make the lives of people with disabilities freer. By designing a unique product specifically for the needs of someone with a disability, this person can do a little bit more.

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This show goes beyond the basics of Service Design. Founder Marc Fonteijn talks to passionate professionals, who put people at the heart of their organization, about what it really takes to make great services a reality.

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In the IDEO U Creative Confidence podcast, Suzanne Gibbs Howard and Coe Leta Stafford of IDEO talk to today biggest design thinkers, change makers and creatives about leadership, creativity, innovation and growth.

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Marc-Marie Huijbregts and Aaf Brandt Corstius really don’t take anything for granted. They discuss and wonder about all kind day-to-day matters: from children to aifryer. Everything is playfully examined and turned inside out.

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